16 March 2018

Remote debugging and dumping using gdbserver

This tutorial is for advanced users only!

As Google fixed gcore for Windows, we can finally dump core remotely using gdbserver. I tested GDB on macOS 2 years ago and was working, should still work today and for Linux too. I don't have device running macOS and Linux at the moment

A good internet connection is required for better debugging experience. 5GHz Wi-Fi and Ethernet is highly recommended.
Root is required.
Samsung devices with KNOX and/or other phones with security may prevent GDB from working. Use custom rom or custom kernel that doesn't have such security system. Or just buy old devices or buy crappy chinese devices that doesn't have any super security. That's the reason I use Denver tablets all time XD.
Some emulators does not support core file generation but Bluestacks support it.

Download the correct file for your device CPU architecture. You can check your CPU architecture using CPU-Z app

GDB server:
Android arm64: Link 1 | Link 2
Android armv7: Link 1 | Link 2
Android x86: Link 1 | Link 2
Android x86-64: Link 1 | Link 2

GDB client:
Windows x86 (32-bit): Link 1 | Link 2
Windows x86-64: Link 1 | Link 2
macOS (Darwin) x86-64: Link 1 | Link 2
Linux x86-64: Link 1 | Link 2

On PC, extract the folder into your desired folder.

On Android device, add the gdbserver file to /system/bin and give gdbserver file permission 755. If you are using X-plore, make sure you enable superuser + writeable in confuguration.

Attach the process and start the server:
Open up the Terminal, grand superuser/root access

Show all process list
dumpsys meminfo

Or search text
dumpsys meminfo | grep (string of package name, com.*, whatever…)

Find a pid number of process you want to attach

Running gdbserver and attaching to a running process:
Run gdbserver on the target system with TCP connection and attach to the pid number of process. Just give port 1234
gdbserver :<port> --attach <pid>

gdbserver will listen on port and waiting for you to connect.
Attached: pid = <pid>
Listening on port <port>

Connecting to gdbserver:
Execute the gdb file located in /bin/ (gdb.exe Windows)
Target your device's IP:Port. You can find your device's IP on Wifi settings (Kitkat and below) or Status (Lollipop and above)

target remote <ip>:<port>

That's all, now you can use GDB for debugging and dumping remotely.

I'll look into GDB game hacking later. For now, you can read iOS GDB hacking tutorials

To dump use
gcore <path to your hard drive>
Please note that dumping core to your PC may take 2-5 minutes depending on performance and network speed

Targeting emulator:

Forward TCP
adb forward tcp:<port> tcp:<port>

Then in GDB, you can target your emulator.
target remote :<port>

Some emulators required you to enable USB debugging and connect adb manually. For example Nox Player, do this to connect to localhost.

nox_adb.exe connect

Then forward TCP
nox_adb.exe forward tcp:1234 tcp:1234

Google (GDB)
iAndroHacker (Tutorial)

9 March 2018

Stop using modded apk of Spotify

I recieved an email from Spotify that they detected abnormal activity on the app i'm using and they will ban me if i continue to use modded apk.

So if you are using modded Spotify, uninstall it immediately!

You can read more: https://torrentfreak.com/spotify-emails-warning-to-pirates-using-hacked-apps-180305/

23 February 2018

[Fake bug] Bypassing X509 fingerprint & MD5 file check with fake crash

I still had 3 years old APKs of a racing game that fake crashes if using resigned APK but wasn't able to bypass it due to lack of cracking skills. Today I try to bypass it.

While comparing both old and new version, I discovered a new folder with 2 smali hidden pretending to be ads at \com\applovin\sdk\applovinsdkattributioninterface\. Attribution.smali is an X509 fingerprint check that checks if the APK's fingerprint match with the original fingerprint stored in-game but where the heck is string of fingerprint and fake crash code?

I deleted the folder applovinsdkattributioninterface, compile apk and launch to see what happen. Game gets stuck on black screen. I captured a logcat and got interesting logs

Now I know the signature check and fake crash come from Assembly C# code. After a while of searching I met this code. This code execute Attribution class code to get SHA1 fingerprint and forward data to Unity game. Quit(); is called if fingerprint does not match. Simply remove the whole code or just remove Application.Quit(); in IL editor if you have problem compiling the code

Sample smali code: https://pastebin.com/zaWBUUZx (only useful for code searching purposes)


20 February 2018

Video - Forward Assault Hack Trolling

His hack are too good...

19 February 2018

Combine all files into one using CMD or Powershell

Copy command is useful to combine all GameGuardian's dumped files (.bin files) into one file so you no longer have to analyze files one by one. Works on both CMD and Powershell

copy *.bin yournewfile.bin

17 February 2018

Game developers are weird sometimes... (collections)

This developer hates Unity?

Of course they are.

Gameloft trying hard...
Gameloft trying hard...

I'm sure i have found more but i forgot them. I will update this post if i found any

14 February 2018

[Cross-platform tool] BytecodeViewer - View smali and java code

Bytecode Viewer is an Advanced Lightweight Java Bytecode Viewer, GUI Java Decompiler, GUI Bytecode Editor, GUI Smali, GUI Baksmali, GUI APK Editor, GUI Dex Editor, GUI APK Decompiler, GUI DEX Decompiler, GUI Procyon Java Decompiler, GUI Krakatau, GUI CFR Java Decompiler, GUI FernFlower Java Decompiler, GUI DEX2Jar, GUI Jar2DEX, GUI Jar-Jar, Hex Viewer, Code Searcher, Debugger and more.

It's written completely in Java, and it's open sourced. It's currently being maintained and developed by Konloch.

How to use:
Download BytecodeViewer from official source: https://github.com/Konloch/bytecode-viewer/releases

Launch BytecodeViewer.exe for WIndows or BytecodeViewer 2.9.8.jar for *Unix, and MacOS

Drop your jar/zip/apk/dex in Files form.
If you have problem with apk, extract dex from apk and drop dex file.

If you are working with smali. Select View -> Pane 1 -> JD-GUI -> Java and View -> Pane 2 -> Smali/DEX -> Smali/DEX

Select a .class file to view the code.

That's all. You can use it to learn smali quick if you understand Java.

You can edit java with BytecodeViewer but it is bad idea to do since smali to java conversation isn't 100% perfect yet

APK Easy Tool v1.50 for Windows (GUI apktool) (13 feb 2018)


Windows 7 or newer (This tool will not work for Windows XP)
.NET Framework 4.5.2 or newer
Java SE/JDK is required for decompile, compile, and sign APK. If you don't have Java installed, you can only use Zipalign or Install APK. Download and install Java SE/JDK now

- 7z Compression-level 0-9
- APK infomation with icon by aapt dump badging
- Advanced log viewer, with .txt file selection
- Allow path changes in textbox
- Apktool.jar version selections
- Background workers
- Cancel button in waiting dialog box
- Clear logs when exit
- Compile APK
- Decompile APK
- Drag and drop file support
- Enable/Disable check for updates
- Enable/Disable tips and ToolTips
- Extract APK / Zip APK
- Framework installer with option to change path
- Framework tagging
- Full environment path support
- Full options of decompile and compile
- Java heap. Default 1024m
- Logs tab
- Options to rename the apk file
- Quick help
- Remember path when closed
- Remember window position (SHIFT + Q to reset window position)
- Sign APK after compile
- Sign compiled APK (If you forgot to sign your compiled APK, you can sign it)
- Sign seletected APK (It will clone the selected APK, and sign it)
- SignAPK (signapk.jar v1.0)
- Smali/Baksmali
- Switch between apksigner.jar by Google and signapk.jar by bootstraponline
- ToolTips
- ZipAlign
and more...

How to use:
1. Download .msi or zip file,
2. If you download .msi, open it and simply install it. If you download portable version .zip, extract to the portable drive you like to.
3. Launch APK Easy Tool, directory are automatically set
4. Select the APK file you want to work with or drop the APK to perform an action
5. Do some work and good luck

You do not need to select APK and set the directory if you do drag and drop actions.

Framework are for ROM developers and System App modder only

It works the same way as the command line version

Users download link

(For peoples who live in china that can't access any other websites above)

Evildog1 (Creator of this tool)
ibotpeaches (Creator of apktool.jar)
Google (adb, aapt, apksigner and zipalign)
bootstraponline (signapk)
Igor Pavlov (7zip)
JesusFreke (Smali/Baksmali)

If you support me, feel free to donate 

v1.50 (2017-02-13)

[New Features]
- Signing APK with keystore. Must be enabled in options.
- Remember password of keystore. Password will be AES encrypted on exit
- Added restart button
- Added copy context menu in Apk Infomation Dialog
- Added framework tagging (ROM developing)
- Added option to change framework installation directory (ROM developing)
- Added option to select framework directory to (ROM developing)
- Added Smali/Baksmali (BETA)
- Added button to change all output directories
- Added button to select decompiled folder so you can select folder decompiled from other tools
- Option to disable news and log
- Mass signing (drag and drop on Sign APK button)

- Open framework directory will open Temp folder if apktool folder not found
- Redesigned Options, Framework, News and About page
- Some UI changes
- Disabled zip signing if using apksigner.jar. It is not supported yet.
- Quick options added to options
- Changed orders from Compile-Sign-Zipalign-Install to Compile-Zipalign-Sign-Install

[Fixed Issues]
- Pressing cancel still continue the task
- Drag and drop to sign apk was forced to sign with signapk.jar
- Same icon appear when selecting other apk
- Tells you to compile apk first even dropped apk file to zipalign.
- Minor text fixes

[Removed features]
- Removed aapt dumping in logs. It is no longer needed.
- Removed framework counter.
- Removed Sign Selected APK in favor of drag and dropping.

[Known bugs]
- Stuck when decompiling Google Maps

More changelogs:





9 February 2018

You can install unsigned apk on Nox Player without root and Lucky Patcher

Good news. I discovered that Nox Player already disabled apk verification which allows you to install unsigned APK without root, without xposed and without Lucky Patcher

And it allows you to install APK with added/removed files without installation error.

How to make mod menu using iOSGods Android Menu Maker

My friend TheArmKing made this Mod Menu Maker, an alternative of PMT Menu Maker.

Easy to use
Already Generated Toggles
Modder Needs to specify minimal code
Works for all Methods ( No Instance Reference Errors ) 
Highly Customizable ( You get to decide Your Button's Colours and whats to be written on them )
Menu Re-Adjusts itself according to Modder's Wish

The people who made this possible:

Video tutorial:

30 January 2018

For 20 years, this man has survived entirely by hacking online games

A hacker says he turned finding and exploiting flaws in popular MMO video games into a lucrative, full-time, job.

Manfred's character is standing still in the virtual world of the 2014 sci-fi online multiplayer game WildStar Online. Manfred, the real life person behind the character, is typing commands into a debugger. In a few seconds of what seems to be an extremely easy hack, Manfred's virtual currency skyrockets up to more than 18,000,000,000,000,000,000, or 18 quintillion.

Read more: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/59p7qd/this-man-has-survived-by-hacking-mmo-online-games

27 January 2018

MalwareBytes all of sudden uses high usage of RAM

OMG! Today, My PC went crazy. my program closes for no reason and froze 3 times today and i thought my hard drive was going to broke but i realized it was MalwareBytes Service that uses high usage of RAM and Web protection doesn't work for no reason.


My NAS that was still running Win7 in VM also froze with graphical glitches and task manager could not open


And everyone who are using MalwareBytes panicked on malwarebytes forum and reddit




To fix the issue, keep killing MalwareBytes Service process from Task Manager or quit from tray or simply uninstall MalwareBytes

23 January 2018

Pokemon Go Trading Cards D-pad spoofer exposed

Whoever made those shitty fake trading card did spoofed Pokemon Go using Tutuapp and how forgot to hide the D-pad before making those cards.

Image from Google images

On this video, you can see that some card had D-pad overlayed

And yes, it's Tutuapp.

21 January 2018

Bluestacks 4 beta running Nougat 7.1.1 released by Bluestacks team

Bluestacks team recently released a beta version of Bluestacks running 7.1.1. The new version brings better performance for games depends on your computer performance. For a better gameplay experience, use a better computer with 6GB RAM or higher, Intel Core i5 or higher and make sure virtualization technology is enabled in BIOS.

Let's take a look in beta version

The interface looks the same same as Bluestacks 3 stable with a new background. I have some graphic games installed to test them out.

Bluestacks and engine version

Taking a look in system info... Yess OpenGL is 3.0.

The Android Nougat UI

Playing CSR 2

Some apps and games are not working, some games decided to fake crash. Antutu is not working yet.

I apologize for the weird review and excuse my english.

How to create simple mod menu in Unity games

I have gotten a lot of request for a tutorial how to make mod menu but haven't got time and almost forgot it. I had to pause all my other protects and start working with this tutorial straight away.

With Mod menu, it allows the player to choose what hacks to use. Mod menu can be useful in multiplayer games that player can enable and disable hack quickly to avoid being reported by legit players

So let's get started.

- Basic Unity modding expernence
- Familar with C# and dnSpy
- dnSpy installed on your computer
- Unity editor installed on your computer
- Visual Studio 2017 installed on your computer (Optional.)

Installing Unity editor:
First, create an account or sign in with Google or Facebook at https://unity3d.com/

Go to https://store.unity.com/ and select "Try personal". It is completely free. Download and install it. If you like to have Visaul Studio 2017 installed, make sure to select it in installer. If not installed, you will use MonoDevelop.

Setting up Unity editor:
Launch Unity, login with your account and complete your survey. After that you can create a new project. Name it you want and keep 3D selected. Click "Create project"

The dashboard will launch.

Create a new C# script:
Click on Assets -> Create -> C# script or right click on Project section Create -> C# script

Drag your script and drop on top of Main Camera below Untitled to make sure your script is shown in game scene.

Designing and testing GUI:
Tip: While you programming, you can click play and edit code while the game scene is running. The editor will freeze a while when you open it.

Remove Start() and Update() methods and add a OnGUI() method like this:

public class ModMenuScript : MonoBehaviour {

    void OnGUI() {


Add some fields above OnGUI() so you can use it later
public bool hack1;
public string string1;
public bool ShowHide = false;

Create a button " SHOW/HIDE"
GUI.Button(new Rect(20, 20, 160, 20), "SHOW/HIDE"

The numbers (20, 20, 160f, 20f) means (x, y, width, height)

Add if-statement on GUI button with operator so you can hide/show menu by clicking on button
if (GUI.Button(new Rect(20, 20, 160, 20), "SHOW/HIDE"))
    ShowHide = !ShowHide;

Add new if statement code method to design menu

if (ShowHide)


Add GUI box with title inside if statement code
GUI.Box(new Rect(20, 50, 170, 150), "iAndroHacker's mod menu");
And add the button with operator bwloe GUI box
if (GUI.Button(new Rect(25, 80, 160f, 30f), string1))
    hack1 = !hack1;

Add new if-else-statement code that changes the text

if (hack1)
    string1 = "Unlimited health <color=green>ON</color>";
    hack1 = false;
    string1 = "Unlimited health <color=red>OFF</color>";
    hack1 = true;

Congratulations, you have created a very simple mod menu. You can now customize and add more button easly by yourself and view it in game scene J

See some useful documentation:

Adding mod menu into assembly-sharp.dll file:
This is a tricky part because there are many ways to add your own code like adding OnGUI method on any classes (Loading, LoadingScreen, MainMenu, etc…) or add code on existing OnGUI methods.

Method 1: Adding OnGUI method
In this example, I will create OnGUI and add my code in UserInterfaceManager on Super Dungeon Bros.

Find an active class or search "Loading" and pick one of loading method. In my example, I picked DisplayLoadingScreen located in UserInterfaceManager. Right click on UserInterfaceManager and create a method.

Note: Make sure the class have Instance method. If it does not have Instance, you have to create your own class

Name it OnGUI and click OK.

Right click on OnGUI(); and edit method

Remove "extern" and modify code so it looks like this:

public void OnGUI() {


You can paste your code here and compile it.

Remove "static" modifier if mod menu doesn't appear

Method 2: Create a new class for GUI

Add a class on empty namespace

Add your whole code and name your class. Make sure you add public and static modifier like below so other classes can access the fields. Your method name must not be called OnGUI, call it MyGUI or whatever. It is to avoid confusion with another OnGUI since Unity always read something if it recognize OnGUI methods.

public void OnGUI()
ModMenuScript.OnGUI(); //makes problem

if you don't add static modifer, you will get an error "An object reference is required for the non-static field, method, or property '<code>'"

Save the class. Sometimes dnSpy can't find class you created so you have to save the assembly as Assembly-Csharp1.dll or whatever, Close all dlls and open Assembly-Csharp1.dll

To make your mod menu appear in-game, find an active class or search "Loading" and pick one of loading method, create OnGUI method and edit the code like:

public void OnGUI()

Hacking functions
Now search some functions to hack. If you had added OnGUI in an existing class with Instance method, modify the code like this:
(I modify this getter method as an example)

public float ArmorCapacity
if (UserInterfaceManager.Instance.hack1)

return 999f;

return this._armorCapacity;


If you had added your own classes, modify the code like this:

public int get_SupplyCost()
if (ModMenuScript.hack1)
return 999;
return this.UnitInstance.SupplyCost;

There are other ways to hack it but these methods are the best way to hack for beginners.

Save the dll file and test your mod menu J