11 March 2016

APK Easy Tool v1.2 for Windows (GUI tool, friendly)

APK Easy Tool v1.34 is avaliable!

With drag and drop support, apktool selector and many more

I know some peoples still looking for this old version, but it is using outdated apktool.jar.

Please, please post your feedback and suggestions of this tool. I will try to improve it for you.


100% tested on Windows 10 and no virus or false positive found. I'm using AVG Internet Security

Windows vista or newer (This tool will not work for Windows XP)
.NET Framework 4.5.2 or newer

Apktool.jar v2.1.0 (latest)
Decompile APK
Compile APK
Sign APK after compile
Sign seletected APK (It will clone the selected APK, and sign it)
Sign compiled APK (If you forgot to sign your compiled APK, you can sign it)
SignAPK (signapk.jar v1.0)
emember path when closed (config will reset if EXE file was moved to somewere else)
Framework installer (uses apktool.jar's commands)
Open log file
Resources will extract to personal documents

How to use:
1. Download the EXE file, place it somewhere, and open it (If you open it, the resources required for this tool, will be extracted to your personal documents)
2. Open Framework Installer, and any frameworks that you copied from your device. For newbies, download framework-res.apk to get started
3. Select the APK file you want to work with
4. Decompile the APK file, and do some mods
5. Re-Compile APK when you are done


iAndroHacker (Creator of this tool)
ibotpeaches (Creator of apktool.jar)
Android SignAPK (Creator of signapk.jar)



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