1 November 2017

How to load dumped Il2Cpp function names in IDA Pro

Did you saw script.py after dumping and you don't know what it is? it's a generated python script to load function names in IDA

First of all, you must dump il2cpp games using Il2CppDumper. Follow the tutorial http://www.iandrohacker.net/2017/04/how-to-dump-and-mod-il2cpp-games.html

After dump, you will see script.py located in location where Il2CppDumper.exe is located

Open IDA Pro, disassemble a binary file and let it fully load

Click on File -> Script File…

Select the script.py file to run

Wait around 30 seconds

Done. Now you can see function names in IDA Pro

iAndroHacker (Tutorial)
Perfare (Il2CppDumper)


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