iAndroHacker is a blog page about hacks,  programs, and tricks that saves your life.
About the game hacking tutorials that i made or i shared, i'm showing you how bad the game securities are. I do not mean any harm to the developers.

As i support freedom of speech and freedom of gaming, I do not remove any contents. If you still worry about your game security and still want my blog to be dead, contact me immediately and i'm happy to help you secure your game.

Twitter: @iandrohacker

Any emails like "how to hack <a game>", "tutorial how to mod <a game> and apk modified to download", "plz hack <a game>" and etc... will be IGNORED AND DELETED!
This is super annoying and I hate hack requests!

If you're a modder/hacker and you need help modding a game or have any idea, tips about hacking, contact me. I'm happy to talk!

If you keep repeating requests and/or spamming, i'll report your email address as spam and your email address will be marked as spam globally and permanently!