iAndroHacker is a blog page about hacks,  programs, and tricks that saves your life.
About the game hacking tutorials that i made or i shared, i'm showing you how bad the game securities are. I do not mean any harm to the developers.

To developers/companies: I do not want to de-respect developers in that way, but I can say, I and everyone support freedom of speech and of course, freedom of gaming, I may not remove any contents. Anyone who post articles about hacking and security, are not illegal. If you still worry about your game security, contact me immediately and I'm happy to help you secure your game and no coding will be required.

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Before you contact, please read the following:
- Do NOT ask me to hack a game. I do not accept any requests. Your email will be blacklisted and reported as spam.
- Do not email me about how to do anything illegal, like, publishing apps with malware, ransomware, drugs etc.. I had recieved an email about a guy who want to upload tempered apps on Play Store and an email about how to do bank robbery. No no i don't like it. Your email will be blacklisted and reported as spam.
- If you need help, please try to write detailed explanation and screenshots about your problem
- DMCA, CO, or whatever are accepted and must be mailed at my gmail. I'll take action within 24-48 hours. I'll recommended you to contact me immediately for help before you do legal action!